About the Movie

Writer/Director/Editor: Chris McKay
Producer: Carrie Holt
Cinematographer: Scott Stearns
Music: Marcelo Zarvos
Cast: Michael Gilio, Krissy Shields


"2wks, 1yr" has received numerous accolades from critics and audiences, and has played to sold out crowds in Los Angeles and Chicago. Some highlights:

"2wks, 1yr" Best Actor (Michael Gilio) and Best Actress (Krissy Shields), 2002 CCC Awards

"2wks, 1yr" Official Selection, 2002 Los Angeles International Film Festival

From the Los Angeles Film Festival Catalogue (written by Festival Programmer Doug Jones):

"Whether trying to preserve the memory of that one perfect afternoon or struggling to pinpoint when everything went wrong, it’s human nature to dwell on the past. Chris McKay’s innovative 2wks, 1yr envelops us in the memories of two young lovers examining and reexamining their troubled relationship – the uncomfortable silences, the unfounded jealousies, and even the make-up sex. As Kevin and Julie struggle to understand each other, we continue to revisit particular moments, discovering new meanings in casual glances, hidden messages in innocuous gestures. Michael Gilio (director of last year’s Festival fave Kwik Stop) and Krissy Shields give wonderfully naturalistic performances, but the film truly belongs to McKay.

In addition to his scripting and directing duties, McKay also edited 2wks,1yr, ingeniously fracturing the film’s timeline as it drifts in and out of Kevin and Julie’s memories. Perhaps McKay’s most inspired conceit is to set his film in the waning months of 1999, when everyone in the world shared an acute sense of time. Adroitly mingling the specter of Y2K with Kevin and Julie’s unspoken anxieties about whether they can make it to their one year anniversary, McKay brings us all to a point when we have to let go of the past and embrace the future, whether we want to or not."

And one audience member capsulized the film this way: "It may be the ultimate fuck and fight movie."

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