It's the countdown to the millennium, and a young couple is planning their first Christmas together. Cut to a month later and they've broken up. As the off-again lovers prepare for the holidays alone, they start to dwell on the past. Drifiting in
and out of their memories, their forgotten feelings re-emerge and ignite old thoughts of sex,love, fear, jealousy and guilt.

Told in a non-linear fashion, '2wks, 1yr' takes us on an emotional journey inside the minds of Kevin and Julie, two young lovers re-examining the fragments of their sometimes troubled, sometimes poignant relationship. Through a series of flashbacks, the couple revisits the uncomfortable silences, the unfounded jealousies, the hidden messages in innocuous
gestures, and the passionate moments of reconciliatory
lovemaking, as they struggle to piece together the elusive meaning behind the varied emotions they have suffered and reveled in throughout their turbulent history together.

As the eve of the new millennium approaches, Kevin and
Julie re-unite eagerly awaiting the fresh start of a new century. While the world outside prepares for the uncertainty of the future, will Kevin and Julie be able to let go of the past and embrace the future?

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